VAND Group is a trusted provider for Nevada Digital and Financial Forensics. Our partners have long separately offered our services to the Reno area for Computer Forensics, Investigations, eDiscovery and Forensic Accounting before joining forces as VAND Group. Partners Don Vilfer and Paul Artley have testified in Reno courts and worked many cases in Nevada that resolved prior to trial. These former FBI Special Agents have worked together on some of the nation's largest White Collar Crime investigations and have quickly resolved complex matters for attorneys and businesses nationwide since leaving the FBI. The combined expertise allows for many tools to be brought ot an inquiry, including Forensic Accounting, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone/Tower Location Analysis and eDiscovery. The VAND Group experts have been described by Las Vegas attorneys as the top investigators and Forensic Accountants serving the area.

While our Nevada office is physically located in Reno, we also serve the Las Vegas metro area. We recognize the unique complexities of cases and investigation in the Las Vegas area. Our Nevada clients have included attorneys, casinos, aerospace, research and medical facilities. From analyzing the location of a cell phone at a particular time on the strip to gathering computer evidence to support a theft of trade secrets claim, VAND Group can bring the expertise to bear to gather, analyze and eventually present relevant evidence. In addition to knowing the “lay of the land”, Paul Artley and the VAND Group are licensed to conduct investigations in Nevada, a legal necessity for much of the work our non-attorney clients require.

Like our other locations, the Nevada cases can also draw upon the expertise of any of our experts at our Sacramento headquarters. We are equipped with the latest high-tech tools to quickly transfer and analyze data acquired in other locations or remotely acquired from Sacramento. When additional resources are needed on the ground in Las Vegas or any other Nevada location, personnel are a short flight away from Sacramento or Reno. We can also call upon other former FBI Special Agents that are part of a worldwide network for quick and talented response.