Honing the skills to conduct a complex financial investigation takes years of training and experience. VAND Group experts have that background with over 100 years of combined experience conducting investigations involving Forensic Accounting or Financial Forensics. The experts include CPAs and non-praticing attorneys, each of whom has experience as a former Special Agent of the FBI or IRS. Cerifications also include Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) and various certifications in computer and cell phone forensics. These experts can deliver from begining to end as court-approved experts. Each has extensive experience testifying, often delivering evidence at trial, Grand Jury or deposition after years of investigation and analysis on complex cases. Paul Artley leads our Nevada operations, serving clients in Las Vegas and Reno with Forensic Accounting expertise and bringing in other specialties as needed.

Representative cases include the largest International Bank Fraud invesitgation for the FBI, multi-million dollar ponzi schemes, embezzlement from small businesses and medical practices, self-dealing on casino contracts and one of hte nation’s largest commercial bribery invesitgations.

What sets VAND Group apart from a regular accounting firm? VAND Group experts were first picked as top candidates by the FBI and IRS after experience as CPAs and attorneys, then further trained by their agencies in investigation, asset tracing, interviewing, forensic accounting, money laundering, asset forfeiture and White Collar Crime. This training and the subsequent experience developing successful cases for the US and on the private side, has made members of the team sought after by attorneys nationwide. VAND Group is also independant and free of conflicts, issues that may plague your accounting firm or in-house resource.