Our team of former Federal Agents and attorneys have worked some of the most sophisticated and complex investigations both during government service and in the private sector. Law firms nationwide rely on The VAND Group to get relevant facts for their cases or inquiries. Complex financial analysis, digital forensics, witness interviews and research of corporate dealings are all conducted by our professionals, often on a single case. Cases we have investigated include a large international bank fraud, commercial bribery matters, theft of trade secrets from Silicon Valley companies and many workplace misconduct matters. We are able to bring all available tools to bear on a trade secrets case, from background research, relationship analysis, public record checks and digital forensics to find connections that others may miss. Our workplace investigations are similarly served by having such tools available, including skilled and compassionate interviewers with years of experience eliciting relevant information from people. Having a team of former Federal Agents, attorneys, CFEs and CPAs brings a formidable force to bear on your side. As non-practicing attorneys, we understand what information is going to be relevant to the elements or issue at hand.